A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Nether has broken into reality and is devouring it ! You must outrun it... by accessing tinier and tinier scales !

Each level will present you a number of Reality Fragments (yellow) you must collect to be able to access a lower scale of reality that the Nether hasn't corrupted... yet. Be quick and leave it before it is devoured, or buy yourself some time by grabbing Reality Crafters (blue) ! You can delve into the Nether but only for a short time, and you might not come back unscathed.

Controls :

Up or W : speed up

Left/Right or A/D : turn

Space or Down : dash


netherflood.love 376 kB
Windows exe (64bits) 4 MB
Windows exe (32bits) 3 MB

Install instructions

If you're using OSX or Linux you will need to install LÖVE, and run netherflood.love with it.

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